Starbucks: A Broken Bond

Starbucks Coffee has raised their prices, yet again. A letter to my once great lover:

Dear Starbucks,

I have something to tell you… I have been cheating on you with Caribou Coffee. It’s not me Starbucks, it’s you. But seriously, how could you? We had such a great relationship. What have you done? You are so tasty, and yet, the price increase somehow makes me incapable of swallowing your delicious goodness. It was all a lie, and quite frankly, it’s not attractive anymore. I feel like I can no longer be monogamous and must venture out to try other things. I need to be free to see other coffees. I hate to part ways but it’s for my wallet’s own good.


Crying In My Coffee

My illustration on how this will affect the facial expressions on the general public.

My illustration on how this will affect the facial expressions of the general public.


7 thoughts on “Starbucks: A Broken Bond

    • Haha nice. A lot of the people who work there have no idea why either. It’s corporate. Like when I worked at Panera and we raised our prices, I had to deal with the angry customers and I had nothing to tell them, except say “i’m sorry.” LoL

  1. I’ve always preferred Tim Horton’s to Starbucks, though the cost of either is a bit expensive for me on a daily basis. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll just rely on gas station coffee if I need caffeine in the morning. Even if it isn’t quite as good as chain coffee, the $3-$4 price difference more than makes up for it.

  2. I used to work for Starbucks and this was a great post…
    I completely agree and cannot tell you how many complaints I had to deal with because of Starbucks being such a greedy little monkey.
    tsk tsk tsk

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