Hot Liquids and Glass Containers

Obviously, I am not a scientist, physicist, chemist, or any of the other “ists.” I was making iced tea; a fairly simple, non-threatening and delicious mixture of water, tea, and sugar. After the tea finished brewing, I went to pour the liquid into a glass container before mixing in the sugar. Everything was fine and dandy until I put the two-pound sugar bag on the counter next to the glass container. Then next thing I know, the glass on the side of the container explodes like something out of a science-fiction movie and the tea comes rushing out, spilling all over the kitchen floor. All I could do was watch because obviously any effort to contain the explosion would have been futile… so I just stood there with my mouth agape for about a minute, pretty much like this:

To clarify, the cat does a better OMG face than I do.

After I recovered from my fear-induced, paralyzed state, I managed to clean up the mess. In summary: Four tea bags wasted, a glass container broken, a flood of tea on the floor… and my friend was totally cool about it. I thought he was going to lose it and I would get killed with the knife I was using to stir in the sugar, but all was brushed off (the stupid container was only $5, no wonder why it broke) and I made another batch of tea. This time letting it cool first, and then putting it in the used Milo’s Iced Tea plastic gallon we had in the refrigerator. The funniest thing about this is how the container broke. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to break it that way even if I tried. There is a hole in the side like some kind of internal combustion occurred… oh wait, it did!

Moral of the story: if you are going to put hot liquids in a glass container, make sure it is tempered and make sure it cost more than $5.

How does that even happen?! Magic.

I couldn’t make a hole like that even if I had a laser. Well, I could but I don’t have a laser.


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