How to Respond to Compliments

I’ve never been very good at taking compliments. I guess it stems from my inner belief that I don’t really deserve anything I haven’t worked for, but that’s another sick and twisted story. Recently, I have gotten a lot better at it and, although I might not acknowledge the compliment with a verbal response, I assure you that I am smiling on the inside.


I can’t stand when people jump to the conclusion that you are a bitter old lady just because you didn’t say anything. NO ONE is all daisies and buttercups 24/7 all the days of their life, and if you find that person, congratulations! They are probably a ticking time bomb ready to explode any minute after holding in a lifetime of perfectly normal human rage that needs to be set free every so often. Honestly, I think people want you to wear an insincere Julia Roberts horse-face smile all the damn time and seriously, how creepy and uncomfortable would that be?


In the past, I considered turning to Yahoo! answers for a solution to my dilemma of compliment non-acceptance. Then I realized, as I got older, that taking the compliment might actually be less painful than embarrassing myself on an international level broadcasting my sociologically-invented illness. Also because I don’t want Luke Skywalker knowing about my aversion to compliments and secretly judging me.



17 thoughts on “How to Respond to Compliments

  1. I know what you mean. I used to get super uncomfortable too. And I have to say, while that Julia Roberts horse-face smile is very creepy, I like it. Next time I get a compliment that makes me uncomfortable, I’m doing that! 😀
    May the force be with you, Jennifer!

    • I think in the society we grow up in, it teaches us how to respond to insults more so than a nice word or two. People are bullied growing up, thus, they need to learn how to throw a more hurtful word back as opposed to accepting nice ones.

  2. Weird thing is if someone insults me, I point out the compliment in the insult and respond with gratitude. When actually complimented, I stare at the person weirdly trying not to have ‘Julia Roberts’ smile or say the wrong thing.

  3. This post sums up my thoughts exactly. I never know how to respond! My boyfriend always makes jokes about it, because I fully realize that I either a) never really say anything at all or b) just say he’s wrong or c) say ‘well, duh’ I’m not a very confident person so it’s weird to me to have someone call me beautiful (and actually mean it???).

    The worst was when a 40+ year old man kept complimenting me at work. He worked with our corporation, but was only in our office for a week for a certain event and EVERY DAY he was literally telling me how hot my new hair makes me, saying he’ll get me into the event by my good looks, etc. I didn’t know what to say at all! So I’d usually just end up awkwardly laughing, or saying nothing at all.

  4. That little Julia Roberts video thing is going to give me nightmares. Now, not only am I afraid of clowns, but her as well. Then again, it appears they are one in the same…

    I’m with the person who said insults are better to deal with than compliments!

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