The Thing About College

It’s my last semester, but there are some things that will never change. These things are called “college conundrums.” They usually happen to everyone and they get pretty old pretty fast. Even in my last semester I cannot escape these perpetual pet peeves that seem to fall upon most college students at least one time in their years at university.

The Wake-Up Ritual


The “Why Are You So Stupid” Theorem and Irrelevant Question Vortex


By the way, you will notice that my posts become significantly less and less throughout the semester. This is because I am dealing with the above and also with a class so hard that everyone has to take it a second time before they graduate. I am one of those people.


6 thoughts on “The Thing About College

  1. haha, the alarm clock is awesome, I only had a roomate my freshman year & I didn’t have to deal with that…but my wife does it, just told her yesterday in fact, that hey you know when you get up or have me get up to hit snooze every 20 mins, that’s pretty annoying lol.

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