Mr. Mustachio and My ADBD Problem

You may have noticed that I have been changing my blog header quite often recently. There are a couple reasons for this: I wanted a header that looked more creative and I have an ADBD (Attention Deficit Blogger Disorder) problem with new, relatively exciting things. You also might be wondering why there is a mustache face on my header and what it has to do with my blog. Absolutely nothing. I like mustaches. That is all. It also makes for a good story line.

Meet Mr. Mustachio:

mustachioHe’s pretty cool. He doesn’t talk very much; only when necessary. Like a wise owl… in mustache form. He likes coffee and sometimes he feels the desire to grow a mustache on his mustache. He thinks it makes him look dignified.

mustachio1He also has a family… fairly large too. He made it very clear that he doesn’t want to rush into anything. so for the time being, I will only introduce you to his brother, Mr. Breado Mustachio.

picture12574624307432He just went through a pretty nasty divorce with the former Mrs. Butter Mustachio, but we won’t talk about that. Mustachio has been letting his brother live with him (reluctantly) because the Mustachio family has a horrid shedding problem and Mr. Mustachio hates finding hair everywhere. He gets pretty mad.


But most of the time he’s a super chill dude who you can totally kick it with.

mustachio3And so begin the adventures of Mr. Mustachio.

P.S. My blog header is staying. My design ADBD has finally gone into remission.

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