snowed in

04When you’re stuck in your house all day long from TWO inches of snow that turned into ice on the roads causing havoc and mayhem, you try to continue on with normal life. Then you realize there is nothing to eat but PB&J sandwiches because you were in such a hurry to get home before the roads iced that you forgot to stop at the store. You decide you should ration your meals so you only have half of a sandwich. After about ten of these, you start to contemplate delivery food. Then you realize, they can’t drive in ice either… unless they are Superman… then they can do anything.

1You then sit around for a few hours tinkering with your laptop, playing games and maybe watching a movie or two. Then you decide that it won’t get any better anytime soon so you decide to take a nap and maybe when you wake up, the nightmare will be over and your driveway won’t be blockaded on both sides by impassible ice.

19You wake up a few hours later to find you are still trapped in your house because the ice has melted on parts of the road that aren’t important to your specific location. You decide to brew some coffee to give yourself a boost. You suddenly realize you had way more coffee than you originally intended and have put yourself in a state of paranoia and hyperactivity.

14You decide to watch your favorite chick flick, which ends up being a more dramatic ending for you as your moods severely fluctuate as an effect of the caffeine overdose. You go through the box of Kleenex about as fast as your emotional state changes. You try to eat ice cream to quell the uncontrollable outbursts to no avail.

04 (1)Your emotional state then switches from sadness and lethargy to a state of determination and frustration. You have been in the house all day now and bravely venture out into the cold, wilderness that is Iceland. You make it to the end of your driveway and as soon as you hit the ice you call it quits.

3You proceed to the bedroom and try to sleep again but somehow it eludes you. You slowly go insane looking out the window waiting for the ice to melt, which remains on the road… mocking you… quietly.


5 thoughts on “snowed in

  1. Such a sad day in the life of Jennifer. If I had only PB&J sandwiches I wouldn’t last the day. Roll out the baked potatoes and beans for me though of course there may be consequences later.
    I hope someone puts some salt down on your road so you can get to the shops.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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