Cities of Machines

Silence is golden yet we have become
A people that thrive on noise
We do not think
We do not sleep
We do not live
Simply exist
Our Generation is electronic
We are robotic
Where have our minds gone?
Where are our hearts?
Four-sided light consumes the hours we are awake
Greed, lust, envy, riches
Constantly bombard our windows
We have lost ourselves
And We have suffered for it
Our faces are hidden by a screen
Our emotions concealed by blank faces
We no longer communicate
And fall deeper into ourselves
Further from reality
Our thirst for more grows
Our hunger for power cannot be satisfied
We serve Ourselves
Fleeting desires drive our lives
We prey on the weak and helpless
Our identity fades into artificial light
We build walls and forsake contact
We have become a people enslaved by technology
Consumed by hubris, ego and greed
We have built Cities of Machines


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