Close your eyes and see wicked things
Never know what tomorrow brings
Just another face in the crowd
Paradise lost. Chaos found.

Blind your eyes and turn around
Fall before you hit the ground
They’re after you but you can’t see
Running from the Great Machine

Faster and faster gaining no ground
Catching up, they’re bearing down
Stop to hear the sirens sound
Paradise lost. Chaos found.

Things aren’t always as they seem
Planning, plotting while you dream
In the Imperialist haze you avert your gaze
While authority laughs, children scream
You can’t escape the Great Machine

Your vision is blurred
And you’re lost in the herd
Drowning with every misleading word
Stumbling upon a burial ground
Paradise lost. Chaos found.

Falling down the rabbit hole
Into lies, propaganda, and social control
An ever-present symphony of power play and tyranny
Imprisoned by these forces unseen
Welcome to the Great Machine.

©2015 Jennifer Seifert


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