American Dream

Piece of paper on the wall
Mocking you as you crawl
Through taunting laughs in the music hall
Trying just to make ends meet
Sweat falling to your feet

We are the product of the game
The education system’s claim to fame
The American Dream is a poverty scene
When there is nothing left to show
Fall into the depths below

Paying for knowledge that should be free
Of work there is no guarantee
But money can’t buy
The realization inside
With this piece of paper
The government lied

Is there a way to turn it around
When all your dreams fall to the ground
Trying to grasp anything in your path
Slipping through your fingers
Holding onto wrath

Education is an intregral part
Of the sick, twisted system
That tears lives apart
Separate yourself from the monopoly trade
Don’t give them money
Just to watch your life fade

Unpublished ©2015 Jennifer Seifert


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