Simple minds open your eyes…

possessive love is an invention

created by the people’s nation

to make you crave meaningless validation.


Seeking peace in others because you can’t find yourself

depending on them for your spiritual health

just to be destroyed

because your worth lies

in their ego-stroking wealth

the key to your internal demise.


Imperfect creatures with lustful desires

who can’t see past the surface features

when everything crashes and emotions burn

you blame everyone else finding something to spurn

denying yourself the lesson to learn.


Love is non-restrictive

it knows no bounds

but you can’t comprehend that it isn’t a game

nor blind;

it’s universally aligned and easy to find

when you seek out the spirit

in the face it lies behind.


Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

is more a concern than the person inside

Or finding someone who you think you can fix

because on the inside you’re broken and can’t come to grips

with the fact that you’re losing yourself in their tricks.


You claim that the ultimate prize

is finding one person to stand by your side

but the reality is

when you look much deeper

you’ll discover that no one’s a keeper

if they can’t see past your external youth

through the eyes to the soul where lies the beautiful truth.

©2015 Jennifer Seifert

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