Thought of the Day: Music

People ask me why I spend so much money on live music. My answer to that is because it keeps me in the right mindset.

There are SHIT people out there and it only takes a few seconds for them to reverse your mood and kill your vibe. Music affects us on a metaphysical level and it can bring you out of the deepest, darkest pit.

Sure… I could go to a bar, deal with drunken buffoons, throw $50 down the drain drinking the day away and leave feeling empty inside, or I could spend $15-30 on a 5-hour show with like-minded, positive people who are purely there for the music, and leave feeling invigorated and happy. And supporting the musicians who bring those people into my life and who make my world, and spirit, a brighter place is all that matters.

Now, ask me again why I spend “so much money” on shows.


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