Thought of the Day: Relationships

You will never be as alone as being with someone who makes you feel alone. Another person can’t complete you. They’re simply a partner on YOUR journey. If it doesn’t work, it wasn’t right and you can’t fix it into being right. Don’t dwell on things, it hinders growth. You don’t need them, you just want what you can’t have. Love yourself first; the rest will fall into place. The second you realize this is the second you’ll discover true happiness.


3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Relationships

  1. Oh my gosh! I love this. I recently tried to set my friends up on a blind date, but he didn’t want to go on a second one, because he thought she was too quiet. It seems so silly. 20 minutes and he was certain she wasn’t the one. As if the one really exists. If he was really happy with himself he would have taken a moment to try and get to know her better.

    • A lot of times it only takes the first meeting to know if you’re into someone or not. The diff with guys is most of them are shallow or they don’t know what they want.

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