What is love?

If you can explain exactly why you love someone so effortlessly, you don’t truly love them. You might have feelings of love for them, sure, but love – in its most unadulterated form – is indescribable and almost unspeakable. You cannot put it into words nor can you form a coherent sentence on what or why or how. If you are truly in love, every time you try to explain it… you will not be able to. Words will fail you. It is baffling. It is inexplicable. It is undefinable. It is incomprehensible. It defies logic. Love just IS.

Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s something you do. It’s not an emotion, it’s an action. The joining of souls who recognize their counterpoints. It’s sharing experiences and performing acts of kindness. Always giving, never taking. Selfless, not selfish. It does not place emphasis on physical attributes, it acknowledges and responds to spiritual connections.

And love is often misunderstood and misconstrued… because so many don’t know how to love themselves.


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