Dopapod Jams Out at Jammin’ Java

by Jennifer Seifert

Dopapod kicked off their two-night run at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA, playing two sets for the highly-energized crowd. You may have heard their name circulating the jam-band scene and may have even seen them play live at small, intimate festivals like Mad Tea Party Jam, Werk Out, Luna Light, or bigger festivals like Peach Fest, Catskill Chill and Hulaween. But they bring a special sort of ambience to their individual shows in small venues where the vibes are transcendent yet in close proximity to one another, creating the perfect atmosphere for their funky dance party.



The Nth Power was the opener, having toured with Dopapod since early September. This was their last show together of the current tour, and it did not disappoint. The Nth Power injected the crowd with laser beams of positive energy and paused in between songs to let everyone know that love is the most important thing we can show to others.

The Nth Power

The Nth Power

After a 30 minute break, Dopapod came on and began their set with a mellow, chill tune to set the mood. Throughout their set, the pace steadily picked up and before everyone knew it, they were jamming out to the sounds of Dopapod’s upbeat song “Trapper Keeper” while watching the amazing synchronized lights increase in intensity and speed with the music.



One pleasant surprise of the night was when Dopapod unexpectedly began playing a cover of Green Day’s “Brain Stew.” Going off the crowd’s energy, they continued playing until they segued into their next song before taking a quick intermission. Their second set was nothing short of amazing, effortlessly keeping the energy steady throughout the night (which can often be a struggle for musicians) but they pulled it off seamlessly.

Set List – 12/12/15





Name -> Elephant



Trapper -> Weedie

French -> FABA

Cloud -> Stada


Happy -> James


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