Zebbler Encanti Experience

ZEE Talks Inner G, Upcoming Tour Plans and More [Interview]

Get ready to take your mind on a psychedelic journey to the edge of the universe.Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE) released their newest EP, Inner G, and it is nothing short of mind-altering, glitch-bass blasting originality. The genre-defying duo, comprised of Ben Cantil (Encanti) and Peter Berdovsky (Zebbler), use their unique talents in music and visual stimulation to take their audience on a journey to the far reaches of their subconscious mind, permeating the body and soul with their unique, experimental beats. Every track is completely different from the last, accentuated with amazingly unexpected transitions, allowing you to delve deeper into the experience as you ride the cosmic, sound-bending roller coaster that is ZEE. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Encanti and Zebbler about Inner G, their creative process, tour plans, art and more.

Inner G – Zebbler Encanti Experience album teaser from Zebbler on Vimeo.

Read my full interview with Zebbler Encanti Experience HERE


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