Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go Dome This May

Festival season is almost here and the pre-planning has begun. The bulk of US music festivals take place in the summer months (June, July and August) but there are a select few that happen before then so you can get your festie fix before the official madness. Domefest is one of them.

Held in May, this festival is a gathering of friends and family coming together for a weekend to celebrate music and art. There are several other festivals happening at this time of the year, but you should definitely make Domefest a priority and here’s why:

10. The Weather
May in Pennsylvania… enough said. We all know that summer festivals can be sweaty, sticky torture the minute the sun comes up, but Domefest is held in May, when the weather is literally perfect for outdoor events. With temps averaging around 71 degrees, you won’t be dying from the unbearable heat and you’ll be able to dance comfortably without sweating buckets.

9. The Food
Oftentimes, festival food is fried and covered in grease and it can be hard to find healthy alternatives. At Domefest, healthy, grilled items along with vegetarian and vegan options will be offered to festival attendees.

8. The Workshops
Interacting with other creative souls and learning from them is one of the best feeling sin the world. There is something for everyone at Domefest, from glass blowing to hooping, yoga and dance lessons. More than just the music, it’s also a learning experience.

7. The Art
In addition to the music and the workshops, you will also be surrounded by art at Domefest. Make dreamcatchers and mandalas, or watch painters conceive amazing, colorful creations.

6. The Price
Domefest is only $60. If that’s not enough incentive for you, then just take a gander at the lineup and everything else this awesome event has to offer.

5. The Location
Some of the best festival settings aren’t on a ranch or at a venue. They are in the beautiful mountains surrounded by lush greenery and underneath blue skies. Domefest will be held on Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA which is the perfect place to escape from the world for a while, spend quality bonding time with friends and get in touch with nature. It will definitely rejuvenate your spirit!

4. The Camping
Camping is free at this festival and the space that you are provided is super generous. Lots of festivals are packed out resulting in smaller-than-desired camping areas where you can barely fit your tent, let alone everything else you brought. At Domefest, you’ll have ample space to set up camp; there are even wooded camping areas if you’re a hammock person as opposed to a tent sleeper.

3. The Community
There is no better feeling than knowing you’re surrounded by people who share common interests and similar views; especially the same musical taste as you. Everyone, from kids to adults, are just there to meet new faces and dance. So no matter what you look like or where you’re from; everyone is the same here. If you wish to contribute to making Domefest all it can be, become a volunteer!

2. The Vibes
The good vibes are in full supply at Domefest and it just gets better throughout the course of the festival. Come together and celebrate life with people who treasure the beauty of it as much as you do. Chill, relax and just go with the flow.

1. The Music
This goes without saying. Prepare to get the FUNK up and dance with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, who will be playing multiple nights, along with support fromBig Something, Aqueous, ELM (Electric Love Machine), Broccoli Samurai,Mister F, Litz, ShwizZ, Lespecial and more to be announced!

Grab your Domefest tickets HERE


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