Are We Really As Advanced As We Think We Are?

You’ve heard it a thousand times, “We’re the most advanced civilization in the history of the world.” We tout our accomplishments, however minuscule they may be, because we seem to have this superiority complex that can’t be shaken. But what if I told you that we are not as advanced as we think and that our own perception of civilization as a whole is somewhat skewed.

Sure, we are capable of complex thought and reasoning, and yes… we have achieved some scientific advancements in a world where technology has everyone by the balls, but at the core of it all, the human condition is nearly identical to civilizations preceding ours. We have not advanced very far from the basic instincts, urges and behaviors beyond forming coherent sentences and grasping electronic devices in our hands 24/7.

If we were truly advanced, we wouldn’t be constantly taking two steps forward and one step back when inventions/ideas that would help us advance as a society are constantly toppled by opposing forces. We are a civilization trying to ascend to the top of a descending escalator.

Read my complete article HERE


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