How to Survive Life Until Festival Season

Life is hard. Life without music festivals is even harder. For those of us who are festival junkies and thrive off that rush of live music, traveling and experiencing the world the way it should be, the off season can be torture. Your energy is depleted and you’re craving those amazing vibes and non-stop music until the wee hours of the morning.

The winter months are especially difficult because the cold, dreary weather doesn’t motivate you to do much of anything. But breathe easy friends, because festival season is almost here again. In the meantime, here are some tips for the musically minded to help you get out of that funk and get your mind right until your first festival.

Go To Shows: Seriously, get out of the house and go see some live music. Whether you live in a huge metropolitan area with tons of venues to choose from or a smaller suburban town, you can usually find some live music to check out. Grab some friends and make plans to see a show. Concerts not only help with the festival blues, but they also get you into the right state of mind. Live music is literally therapy. It’s certainly not a festival but it feels so right.

Have a Meet-Up Event: Get together with your friends who share the same tastes in music as you do and blast it while hanging out or grab some drinks and a bite to eat. It’s also a good way to meet even more new people if the ones you already know bring their friends who you’ve never met. If you don’t know many people who share your musical interests, start a Facebook page for your area/state and meet them; they are out there. Sometimes technology works wonders.

Start Planning: As a veteran festival-goer, the sooner the better has never been more true. Talk with your friends about which festivals you want to attend and create a game plan. Festivals release their lineups and tickets before the season even starts; some even sell out. Occupying your mind with plans and having something to look forward to helps to nullify those festival withdrawals that we know all too well.

You can start your festival search here

So cheer up because, even though it’s not festival season quite yet, we live in a world where music is readily available at all times. You just have to be willing to search for it – and sometimes venture outside your comfort zone. It’s worth it!

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