The Floozies Bring the Sights and Sounds to DC

The Floozies arrived on February 27, a cold night, but that didn’t stop us from going to see one of our favorite bands play the 9:30 Club and destroy Washington, D.C. with lasers and super funky sounds.

It was a particularly interesting weekend since there were a multitude of shows to choose from in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) but The Floozies rarely disappoint and always burn down the house during their shows, and this night was no exception. In addition to playing some of their beloved classics like “Stuntin’” and “Sunroof Cadillac,” they also dropped straight fire with songs from their new Granola JonesEP, including “No Part of This” and “Wild Card.”

Taking minimal breaks in between songs, they repeatedly hit us with super tasty jams and lasers that had us feeling like we were blasting through the galaxy at the speed of light. Especially since we were dead center for the entire show, directly in the middle of their laser vortex.

Read my full review here


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