ill.Gates Dishes on Upcoming Album, Philosophy, Creativity and More [Interview]

It’s no secret that Dylan, AKA the incomparable ill.Gates, is one of the most versatile and innovative electronic producers in the game. For over 20 years, he has created an abundance of incredibly dynamic and influential music, and he has headlined major festivals such as Burning Man, Shambhala and the World Electronic Music Festival. He’s collaborated with other long-standing artists (like Bassnectar) producing intense, face-melting tracks and also has a passion for teaching; which is apparent in his online tutorials and workshops he offers for free so aspiring artists can get the inside scoop on the craft and deepen their knowledge of the industry. Sensible Reason sat down with ill.Gates to talk about his upcoming album Terminally iLL, the Urban Teahouse Remix Project, his recent international travels in the quest for musical inspiration, philosophy, culture and more.

Read my full interview with ill.Gates HERE



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